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Ashaway Tennis Strings

Synthetic Gut 16

Multi-stranded monofilament with abrasion-resistant wear layer.
Combines good response with above-average durability.
16 GA. (1.30mm) 38ft. 11.5M



Multi-polymer monofilament. Fluorocarbon emulsion insures ease in stringing and exceptional bite on ball. 16L Ga. (1.28mm)


ASHAWAY Racquet Ball Strings

SuperKill II

Multi-stranded monofilament with abrasion resistant wear layer.
Excellent all purpose string with lively response and superior durability.
16GA. (1.33mm) 40ft 1.2M


Ashaway Squash Strings

Powernick 19 - Powernick 18

Powernick 19

Ultra-thin Zyex monofiliment core. Excellent resilience and response. 19 Gauge maximizes ball control.

Powernick 18

Durable Zyex monofilament core. Excellent resilience and power. 18 Guage maximizes power and durability.

Ultranick 18 - Ultranick 17

Ultranick 18

Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience, and prevents tension loss. A braided surface maximizes control and increases spin.
Exceptional power and control with a softer feel. 

18Ga. (1.15mm) 9M (30ft)

Ultranick 17

Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience and prevents tension loss. Braided surface maximizes control and increases spin. Exceptional power and ball control. 17 Guage maximizes durability and string life.

17 Guage (1.25mm) 9M (30ft)

Supernick XL Micro - Multinick 18

Supernick XL Micro

Multifilament nylon core, double braided textured wear surface.
1.15 mm diameter provides optimum ball control and resiliency.
Textured surface maximizes ability to impart spin and cut the ball.

Multinick 18

High tenacity Multifilament nylon core, unique P.U coating.
1.15 mm diameter provides maximizes the ability to cut and spin the ball.
For players looking to cut and spin the ball.

Supernick XL - Supernick XL Ti

Supernick XL

Multifilament nylon core with double braided textured wear surface.
1.25 mm diameter provides superior resiliency and feel of the ball.
For players looking for soft feel and superior resiliency.

Supernick XL Ti

Multifilament nylon core, double braided textured wear surface with titanium coating. 1.25 mm diameter provides superior resiliency and feel of the ball.
Titanium coating increases power and durability.

Supernick ZX- ZX Micro

Supernick ZX

Supernick ZX string features a multifilament nylon core encapsulated with a high- tech ZX layer of Zyex filiments. Multifiliment construction for gut like performance with precise touch. Textured surface increases the ability to impart spin and cut the ball.

Supernick ZX Micro

Super Nick ZX Micro. Precise touch, maintains tension.
Multi filament nylon core- ZX wear layer with zyex filiments,
textured surface.
Provides optimum feel for the ball and precise touch.
ZX wear layer increases durability and maintains tension.
For players looking for precise touch and excellent feel for the ball.
18 guage (1.15mm)

Ashaway Badminton Strings

Zymax 70, 68TX, 67, 65, 62

Zyweave core prevents tension loss. Braided surface for superior control.

Zymax 70

Zymax 65

Zymax 67

Zymax 68TX

Zymax 62

Zymax Fire and Firepower

ZyMax 66 FIre
(.66mm, 22ga.)


ZyMax 66 FIre Power
(.66mm, 22ga.)


ZyMax 69 FIre
(.69mm, 21 micro ga.)


Ashaway Introduces New ZyMax® Fire Badminton Strings with BETA Polymer Technology

Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced a new line of badminton strings that incorporates an entirely new polymer as a raw material. The new ZyMax® Fire line includes four strings, each designed to optimize the various characteristics of Ashaway’s proprietary BETA polymer fibers, and constructed using the company’s special ZyWeaVe™ string core technology. This allows players to select a string tailored to their games. ZyMax benefits include sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness for excellent feel and repulsion; optimum power and durability, including incredible knot and loop strength; and exceptional tension holding ability for consistent reliable performance.


“The development of this new ZyMax Fire line of badminton strings has taken more than a year of intensive effort in our R&D labs as well as extensive testing on badminton courts around the world,” said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Ashaway. “And the results have been worth it. Not only are ZyMax Fire strings the only ones on the market to use this new BETA polymer, but we can boast a 25% improvement in dynamic stiffness, and in knot and sheer strength, over most popular badminton strings, and offer players a range of strings suited to their individual styles.”


The initial ZyMax Fire line includes four strings: ZyMax 62 Fire, ZyMax 66 Fire, ZyMax 66 Fire Power, and ZyMax 69 Fire. ZyMax 62 Fire is a 0.62mm micro gauge string designed for maximum repulsion and shuttle response. Both ZyMax 66 Fire and ZyMax 66 Fire Power are 0.66mm strings designed for high performance players. 66 Fire is tailored to provide precise shot making, while 66 Fire Power is designed to provide maximum power and explosive repulsion. ZyMax 69 Fire is the heavyweight of the group and is geared to provide exceptional durability and string life.


Ashaway’s trademarked ZyWeaVe technology generates a string core that is stronger and holds tension better than traditional badminton strings. This allows for thinner, more playable strings that perform consistently at higher tensions throughout the life of the string.


All ZyMax Fire strings are available in traditional white and in a distinctive “Fire” orange color, and in either 10-meter sets or 200-meter reels. Recommended stringing tensions are up to 30 or 40 lbs., depending on the string.